About Us

The Healing Path Ministries is for people who struggle with some broken aspect of their relational and emotional identity. The ministry helps one to discover the loving, powerful presence of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the life giving breath of the Holy Spirit who is there on behalf of us in our struggle.

My ministry is to help people back on the path toward restoration and healing.

David Alvarez

Vision and Mission

Our hope is to lead Christians and seekers in the Silicon Valley (and beyond), who struggle with some broken aspect of their relational and emotional identity, on a journey of healing through a deeper relationship with God in order to achieve greater wholeness toward a more fulfilling life. To bring God’s healing touch into those areas of our lives where we have been wounded through the sin of others or through our own sinful patterns. We believe that bringing these wounds to the feet of Jesus, we will find cleansing from the effects of sin and a path to a greater life experience.


The Healing Path has a number of programs to assist in the healing process for Christians and seekers over eighteen years of age which explores specific relational and personal topics in which deep wounding may have occurred. The wounds are identified and then curriculum dives deep into the root and how to find freedom from these afflictions through Jesus Christ.


David Alvarez, Founder and Director, The Healing Path Ministries


The Healing Path Ministries allows us, through God the Father as revealed through Jesus Christ, to help men and women live out the Kingdom Life rather than the “good life” through a journey toward wholeness.

Thank you for partnering with me to help make a difference through Christ!

Your support of The Healing Path Ministries is tax deductible. If you were blessed after attending a seminar, book study, conference, or other event, a gift of any amount is greatly appreciated!

As The Healing Path Ministries is charged 2.2% of the donation amount by PayPal, we would be happy to also receive your donation in the mail. Just make out a check to The Healing Path Minstries, and mail it to the address below:

The Healing Path Ministries
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