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David Alvarez is the Founder and Director of The Healing Path (THP) Ministries in San Jose, California. Previously he was the pastor of Healing and Prayer at The River Church Community. David has spoken to large gatherings of hundreds of people and at intimate gatherings. His heart is for men and women who struggle with some broken aspect of their being whether through past hurt and shame, or through habitual, destructive, and painful addictions. The Healing Path helps men and women put aside their addictions, anger, bitterness, and feelings of aloneness. His calling is to help people lead lives that God intended for them as His precious sons and daughters.

Whether leading a Healing Path Program, Weekend Retreat, Seminar, Book Group, or as a guest speaker, David leads men and women through the steps toward healing. David asks them to first acknowledge the need for Jesus to heal areas of weakness, brokenness, and self-doubt, and to trust the process of “courageous vulnerability” in a small group gathering. It is in these small groups (separated by gender) where people can share in an emotionally safe environment; where prayer for each other, and by the small group leader, can be powerful.

The Healing Path (THP)
The Healing Path is our flagship program. It is a 12-week healing experience in community. Each week, the group focuses on a single topic and then breaks out into small groups for sharing and prayer ministry. Topics include Courageous Vulnerability, Healing the Father Wound, Healing the Mother Wound, Restoring Masculine Strength, Codependency, and more.

Weekend Retreat
We also host prayer and healing-focused retreats (typically on weekends).

Each seminar has a different focus. The Healing Path offers seminars on “Healing the Father Wound”, “Overcoming the Poverty Spirit”, “Codependency”, “Listening and Discovering the Voice of the Father”, and “Effective Prayer Ministry”.

Book Group
Our book groups are smaller gatherings, lasting between 6-8 weeks. Books we have studied include, How We Love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich, Changes that Heal by Cloud and Townsend, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero, and Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen. These small intimate settings help everyone become truly known as persons.

Guest Speaker
Pastor Alvarez delivers sermons on Sunday, and would be delighted to talk to you about being a guest speaker at your church.

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