“David is an incredible minister of God’s love. He spent a week with our church and instantly connected with our community. His personal story, his strong Biblical teaching, and his wisdom in inner healing make him an amazing leader.”

Chris Rattay, Lead Pastor, New Life Community Church, East Los Angeles, California
Chris Rattay, Lead Pastor, New Life Community Church, East Los Angeles, California

“The Healing Path Ministries has been a critical part of building a culture of transparency, authenticity, and relational wholeness in our church community. The end result is genuine spiritual fervor and power. I thank God for David’s wisdom, skill, integrity and anointing. And I cannot recommend his ministry highly enough.”

Brad Wong, Lead Pastor, The River Church Community, San Jose, California

“David Alvarez is more adept at navigating the inner world than anyone else I know. His personal and professional experience has given him precise and profound insight into the mysteries of the human heart. I’ve seen him ask a simple series of questions and uncover wounds in the soul that no one knew were there. The Healing Path is the distillation of decades of experience. It is potent and life changing and worth far more than the sticker price. It is becoming an essential piece of my congregation’s ministry because of the fruit it bears in people’s lives. I can’t get people into it fast enough.”

Ben Dau, Head Pastor, Embassy Vineyard Church, Waverly, Iowa

“The humility of a leader is what stuck out to me as David Alvarez preached and shared with us his heart and his ministry this past Sunday. What I appreciate more than his words, was how he ministered, as a fellow man, struggling still, but trusting in God’s good will for him. What I found is that a man, with his wounds open, did not point me to his great wisdom or knowledge, but a ministry that poured out of who he is. In doing so, when a leader amongst us is humble and vulnerable, he sets this example for the rest of the family of God. He gives freedom to others to embrace their own brokenness, points not to himself, but to Jesus who really has the power to save.”

Gabe Tseng, Pastor of Families, Crosswalk Community Church, Sunnyvale, California

“I met David Alvarez in my college years and he’s been a crucial mentor ever since in my own healing journey towards wholeness and holiness. His mentoring has helped me minister from a healthier place. Our Church has had David come as a guest speaker to our Sunday services, as a guest leader in some of our Life Groups, as well to equip and counsel our church staff and lay leaders in emotional healing and the sanctification journey. His ministry among our Church has been very fruitful.”

Mark Walker, Youth Pastor, New Life Community Church – Iglesia Nueva Vida, Woodland, California

“I love David’s heart and passion to see broken people healed in all areas of their lives.  His ministry exists to restore intimacy, identity and freedom in our walk with Jesus, so that we may love and be loved well: which is so needed in EVERY community of Jesus followers.”

David Kim, Discipleship Pastor, Westgate Church, San Jose, California

“I have watched David minister in three churches. He has an incredible gift of listening to people’s stories, discerning where the Spirit at work, and praying in such a way that people’s lives change. I have never seen anyone do it better.”

Tony Traback, Lead Pastor, Wellspring Church, Pacific Grove, California


Lucy Robles, Las Pastora, Iglesia Comunidad Nueva Vida, Este de Los Ángeles, California


Emily’s Testimony, The Healing Path Ministries
Iheoma’s Testimony, The Healing Path Ministries

Video production thanks to Dillon Adams.

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